The Organic Food We Offer

We’re an  organic farm, and everything in the shop is organic, but most of what we have in the shop is not our produce.

What? Here’s why:

Our priorities for the farm in this phase of its development are

  • Improve the land
    • Our highest priority is to improve the land, which means better soil, drainage, and facilities.
  • Feed ourselves first
    • When choosing what to grow, we choose things that will suit our own dietary needs, and plan to eat as much as we need.
  • Food for our partners
    • Local people provide us with animal feed, land, and other resources, and we pay them back with shares of our produce.
  • Food for sale
    • We sell produce that doesn’t go for any of the above purposes, but we mainly support local sales channels. When we have produce to sell online, this is where it’ll be.

We’d be happy to sell our rabbits, either as meat or live to people who would treat them right, but we’re not allowed to. By law, they’re strictly for our own consumption.

Why do we sell food we didn’t grow?

We’ve been eating organically in Japan since the late ‘90s, gradually increasing the organic proportion of what we eat until it’s close to 100%. We feed our animals the same way, buying organic feed in addition to what we grow and forage for them. We’ve learned a lot about how to get the best organic food for less, and often in commercial bulk quantities. That puts us in a good position to let our shoppers benefit from that knowledge, so they can eat affordable organic food, even in Japan.

Where does the food come from?

In an effort to cut food miles, we use Japanese sources wherever possible. We also want to support the growth of Japan’s fledgling organic food market. But as that market is small and under-developed, the price difference between Japan and other countries (mainly the USA) can be prohibitive, even after shipping. In such cases, we look for imported food.

Why buy from Adama Farm?

We’re not a non-profit, and we’d have no objection to making money by farming, but at the moment we’re spending a lot on inputs and selling very little. Making money is not our main concern at this stage, but we still need money for things like animal feed and building materials. Shopping here gets you good organic food at low prices, while helping us to offset our costs while we carry on making progress.