Video View of the Farm

This short video was taken from on top of a persimmon tree across the road from the house (at the position marked by the yellow “X” in the satellite view below).

Satellite View of the Farm

This image was taken in 2015, so it doesn’t have the big greenhouse on the front of the house.

The barn across the street is where we keep the shamo flock, and where the layer flock will come into for the winter. We will be working on converting it into a combination of chicken enclosures and greenhouse space, starting soon.

Shiroya Fields is our largest area of land, which we mainly use for paddocks for chickens and rabbits at the moment. As the land improves, we will convert some of it to other purposes, as well as rotating it between animals and crops. The name “Shiroya” refers to the house of the same name which used to stand on the site. We are now borrowing the land from the late owner’s family.