Adama Farn Barn

コロナウイルスの影響について Coronavirus Impact


The returns for this project are unlikely to be affected by the coronavirus situation,  but we plan to do the building work with the help of international volunteers. If  volunteers are unable to reach us because of movement restrictions, the construction  work  could be delayed.

このページについて / About This Page


This page is provided for for bilingual reference, because the actual project page is in Japanese only. Please note that you cannot support the project from here. If there are any discrepancies between the two versions, the official project page on Readyfor has priority.

自己紹介 About Us

私たち(マットとタル・キナズリ)は新潟県糸魚川市にて、Adama Farm(アダマ農場)と言う、オーガニック・パーマカルチャーの再生系の農場を運営しています。2001年から須川と言う小さな集落に住んでおり、近年、 まるで祖母のようだったなくなられた隣人の家族から不使用の土地をお借りして、農業を拡大しました。

We (Matt and Tal Kinnersly) operate Adama Farm, a small organic, permaculture, regenerative farm in Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture. We have been living here in the small community of Sugawa since 2001, and practicing organic farming. In recent years, we have expanded our farming by borrowing disused marginal farmland from the family of our late neighbour, who was like a grandmother to us.

Tal and Tiny head to the barn
タルとタイニが納屋へ向かう Tal and Tiny head to the barn
Chicken on Matt's shoulder
マットとスターク Matt and Stark


In 2018, we started raising chickens and rabbits, as part of a more ambitious permaculture approach to regenerate the depleted land. A local farmer, the younger brother of our “grandma”, agreed to share the family’s barn opposite our house, letting us use the lowest floor to house our chickens. In return, we share our eggs with him. The barn has been in that family since they built it from local timber in the late 1940s.

Adama Farm barn
納屋は家のすぐそばにある / The barn is just over the street from the house
Barn interior
納屋の中で曲がった梁が美しい / Beautiful curved beams in the barn interior
Rabbits eating
2階も広くて気持ちいい部屋です / The 2nd floor is a spacious and pleasant room

ロジェクトを立ち上げたきっかけ / How the Project Got Started


This arrangement has worked well so far, and the farmer wants to keep using the barn, which allows him to keep on farming and providing for his family. Unfortunately, the maintenance costs and repair needs are just too much. The family feels obliged to demolish the barn, to avoid the risks and inconvenience it would cause the neighbourhood if allowed to deteriorate further. Similar reasoning has led to the demolition of two other barns and a house in this small community in just the last two years. Demolition would be a tragedy, depriving the community of a beautiful building, making it impossible for the farmer to cultivate his rice fields, and leaving us with nowhere to keep our chickens in winter.

Holes in the barn wall
壁の板はボロボロになっています / The wall boards are worn out
Rusty roof
屋根も錆びています / And the roof is rusty
Rotted wood
構造に腐った部分があります / Some structural parts are rotten

近所で納屋の破壊が進んでいる / Barns in Our Neighbourhood Are Being Demolished


The two barns below  were both demolished recently  in our neighbourhood, even though they were still usable. This barn will end up the same we if we don’t do  something about it.

近所で取り壊された納屋(1)/ A barn demolished in our neighbourhood (1)
Demolished local barn
近所で取り壊された納屋(2)/ A barn demolished in our neighbourhood (2)

変わりに / The Alternative


With the help of crowdfunding supporters, we will be able to achieve a better solution for everyone. We will buy the barn and the land it stands on, fix the barn, and remodel it into a centre for organic farming. We will share it with the farmer, providing enough space to make sure he can continue farming, as well as providing habitat for local wildlife and a common seating area for our neighbours. The remodeled barn will provide us with better spaces for raising chickens and rabbits, and greenhouse space for growing herbs and even trees.

Working together
農家と一緒に納屋を修理しています / Working together to repair the barn we share
Onions to dry
今までの使い方も継続されます / Traditional uses continue (hanging onions)

プロジェクトの内容 / The Details





This project will take place in two phases. This approach makes sure the minimum necessary work gets done to secure the barn’s future, before we move on to more ambitious architectural remodeling.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, the subject of this crowdfunding project, we will buy the barn and the land, under a contract which gives the farmer lifelong usage rights, then make structural repairs and replace worn-out surfaces (the walls and roof). As one of the main purposes of the barn will be greenhouse cultivation of herbs and larger plants, we will use transparent polycarbonate for the walls and roof, to maximise sun trapping.

We will use part of the building’s area to make a seating area where local people can rest and chat, design the exterior to provide habitat for bats and swallows (which suppress mosquitoes and the like in the area), and improve a stream next to the barn as habitat for local wildlife (frogs, fireflies, and  freshwater crabs).

一部張り替えた例 / Example Re-skinned Area


We replaced part of one wall with clear polycarbonate sheet, to demonstrate the appeal and effects of transparency. The sheet is the kind sold in our local home centre, and is thinner than the material we’re planning to use, but it gives the general idea.

Barn wall before
壁を張り替えた前に / The wall (on left), before
Barn wall after
壁を張り替えた後で / Barn wall changed to polycarbonate
Barn with clear wall
夕方で透明な壁の部分が分かります / The clear walls show at dusk

第二段階 (別の機会のクラウドファンド) / Phase 2 (our next crowdfunding project)



Once we have completed this minimum project, we will use a second crowdfunding project to convert the interior into a highly-sustainable earthship. The completed building will make the most of the ground-sheltered site, its good sun exposure, and its ample rainfall. It will have completely remodeled floor levels, a rocket mass heater, rainwater collection and storage, and solar panels.

プロジェクトの展望・ビジョン  The Project in the Long Term


  • 納屋の存続を保証
  • 土地と建物を買う
  • 傷んだ壁や屋根に必要な修理を施す
  • 農家の農業に必要な場所があることを保障する
  • 納屋を透明、かつ良く断熱された温室に変更


So you know where we’re going with this, here’s the long-term plan.

Phase 1 will provide the following benefits:

  • Ensure the barn’s survival
  • Pay for the building and land
  • Make necessary repairs to dilapidated rooves and walls
  • Guarantee the farmer’s use of the space he needs to carry on farming
  • Convert the building into a transparent and well-insulated greenhouse

It will also make Phase 2 possible.


  • ウサギと鶏のためのより良い住処
  • 低資源、かつ高生産力と言う効率良い組み合わせ
  • 須川とアダマファームに注目を引っ張る象徴的な建物
  • あまり使われていない、もしくは倒壊前の建物を変換させることのモデル
  • オーガニックやパーマカルチャー農業を広めるための展示、紹介、そして教育素材
  • 地元の野生動物のための住み家
  • 近所の方のための公共の場

After phase 2, the completed building will provide these benefits:

  • Better habitat for our chickens and rabbits.
  • An efficient combination of high productivity with low resource use
  • An iconic piece of architecture to attract attention to Adama Farm and Sugawa
  • An example of the potential for transforming under-used and at-risk buildings
  • A showcase and teaching resource to spread the ideas of organic permaculture
  • Habitat for indigenous wildlife
  • Community seating area for local people





Thanks for reading, and for your support.

Matt and Tal Kinnersly

Adama Farm

Map of the Barn and Surroundings

Adama Farm Area Map

Modified by Adama Farm from Google Earth content.

リターン / Returns

These are the returns we give our backers to thank them for supporting our project.

お礼の葉書 / Thank-you Postcard



We’ll send backers who give Y3,000 or more a handwritten postcard with our thanks.

Choose between local scenery or a picture of the barn.

We’ll also send messages and pictures by email to those who want them.

納屋の壁の板 / Barn wall boards

Barn wall board



The barn’s wall boards are too weathered to serve as walls any more, but their years of service in yukiguni (Snow Country) has made interesting holes and cracks, and brought out the natural grain.

After they are removed from the barn walls in this project, they will be available for use as ornaments, for craft projects, adding grain to as-cast concrete, and whatever other uses you can devise. Note that these boards really are heavily weathered and fragile.

Basic size is about 25 x 45cm, but feel free to consult us about larger sizes or quantities.

自家製の乾燥したコーンフラワー(30g) / 30g of yellow coneflowers, dried at Adama Farm

Cone flowers


アダマ・ファームで収穫して乾燥したyellow coneflower (Echinacea paradoxa)という花を30gの袋で送ります。 エキナセアの一種で薬草です。お茶として飲めます。

Get a 30g bag of yellow coneflower (Echinacea paradoxa), harvested and dried here. It’s a variety of echinacea and is good for brewing herb tea.

⾃然な⽵の⼦(⼤きい1個)/ Natural bamboo shoot (1, large)

Large bamboo shoot



We’ll send you one large wildcrafted bamboo shoot, harvested from the satoyama slopes behind the farm. Harvest will be next May, with some variation due to weather etc.

アダマ・ファーム ロゴ入りの大き目なマグ / Large mug with the Adama Farm Logo

Adama Farm Mug



A 450ml white mug with the Adama Farm logo on two sides.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

手作りの敷板(小) / Hand-finished table board (small)

Table boards


このサイズの板は 約15x35cm.

I don’t know what kind of wood this is, but these planks were cut from beetle-damaged trees a long time ago and stored in the barn. I make these hand-finished table boards by  scorching them, impregnating them with beeswax, and polishing them. The process brings out the raised grain with a beautiful shine and texture. Each one has a unique pattern of beetle burrowing, and measures roughly 15x35cm.

自家製な卵 (10個) / 10 eggs, fresh from our farm

Adama Farm eggs



We’ll send 10 just-laid Adama Farm eggs by Cool Takkyubin delivery for freshness.

自家製ハーブティー / Our own herb tea

Drying herbs



We’ll send a 100g bag of our own blend of dried herbs, harvested and dried on the farm.

アダマ・ファーム ロゴ入りのオーガニック綿Tシャツ / Adama Farm logo organic cotton t-shirt

Adama Farm t-shirt



This 100% organic t-shirt has the Adama Farm logo on the front. The cloth is soft and relatively thick. Sizes are American S, M, L, XL, and 2XL.

⾃然な⽵の⼦(⼤きい3個)/ Natural bamboo shoots (3, large)

Wildcrafted bamboo shoots



We’ll send you three large wildcrafted bamboo shoots, harvested from the satoyama slopes behind the farm. Harvest will be next May, with some variation due to weather etc.

⼿作りの敷板(中(⻑い)/ Hand-finished table board (long)

Long board


このサイズの板は 約15x150cm.

I don’t know what kind of wood this is, but these planks were cut from beetle-damaged trees a long time ago and stored in the barn. I make these hand-finished table boards by  scorching them, impregnating them with beeswax, and polishing them. The process brings out the raised grain with a beautiful shine and texture. Each one has a unique pattern of beetle burrowing and measures roughly 15x150cm.

⼿作りの敷板(⼤)/ Hand-finished table board (large)

Large board



I don’t know what kind of wood this is, but these planks were cut from trees a long time ago and stored in the barn. I make these hand-finished table boards by  scorching them, impregnating them with beeswax, and polishing them. The process brings out the raised grain with a beautiful shine and texture. Each one measures roughly 80x45cm. Some have beetle burrowing patterns.

自家製な卵 (10個 x 10回) / 10 batches of 10 eggs, fresh from our farm

Lots of eggs



We’ll send 10 just-laid Adama Farm eggs by Cool Takkyubin delivery for freshness, in 10 batches. You can adjust the timing of the deliveries.